To our clients
We are writing to you as our valued client to update further precautionary measures we are taking to protect the health and safety of both our clients and employees in response to the Coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19) having regard to the recent announcements of our Prime Minister and State Premier.
We write to you to assure you that our business remains open and we are doing what we can to deliver ongoing service to our clients.
However, in the interests of keeping our staff and clients healthy and minimising the risk of exposure to the virus, as and from 9:00am On Tuesday 24 March 2020 face to face meetings at our office will cease until further notice. All communications will be by telephone and email communications. If there is a need for face to face contact with our clients, it will occur in a safe location off site.
In relation to the signing of documents:
  1. Wills will be signed off site;
  1. Signing of all other documents will take place off site by appointment only.
We are currently arranging for our office to operate remotely from the homes of our staff.
These are very difficult and uncertain times for all of us, however the clear message being sent by our elected leaders is that we must, as a community, isolate as best we can in order to free up our hospital system to deal with the inevitable influx of critically ill patients requiring ventilation.
Please don't hesitate to contact our legal team directly if you have any concerns or questions.
Kind regards
Anthony Bowlen and Wayne Dunstan